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We welcome people with all views, from radical left to radical right! This is based in the Star Trek fandom. Our community focuses on character development, and often explores the concepts bidden in the Star Trek realm (I.E a "TNG"-esque philosophical science fanfare).

The GALILEO needs you!

Welcome to the USS Galileo, a Star Trek roleplay set in the year 2389. This is an all original character cast crewing the Nova-class science vessel Galileo, on her missions throughout the galax. We are looking for writers to help take up the mantle at any one of our open posts. We have dozens of open positions available for the picking, so make sure to check us out! This roleplay is for anyone who is interested in the Trek continuity, who enjoys writing and active participation in a roleplay. This roleplay uses the very intuitive Nova software to make writing between multiple people simple and fun. If you love Star Trek, roleplaying and writing, the Galileo is for you.

These are the voyages of the starship Galileo. Her mission, to explore strange, new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations.
To study spacial rifts, wormholes, and time fluxes. To develop and test the latest cutting-edge technologies.
To observe and catalog new life forms...even though they might be slimy and look kind of disgusting....
To boldly go where no research vessel has gone before!

Current mission! » Rules! » Personnel (Writers)! » Roleplay information! » Enlist today!

"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so."
~ Galileo Galilei
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Write them up in the comments here!

You might also want to check our LJ: http://think-galactic.livejournal.com/58028.html
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The Vegan Bake Sale is happening again this year! If you or someone you know would like to donate vegan baked goods to raise money to support the con, please bring them on Saturday and drop them off at the registration desk. General prices that items will sell for: Small cookies $1, Large Cookies $2, Bar items $2, Muffins $3, Cake slices $3, etc. If you came to the WisCon Think Galactic party this year and enjoyed our Mexican Hot Chocolate Snickerdoodles: they'll be here.

We also have a food guide that member Neil Rest created for us. We'll have this printed out at the con as well.

If you want grocery or convenience stores, instead of restaurants, as well as nearby ATM locations and interesting tidbits on the surrounding area (e.g. the building we're in is a landmark building) Neil created a nearby necessities and tidbits guide. We'll have this print out at the con as well.

Meet & Dines
For every lunch and dinner slot during TGcon we will have sign-up sheets to go to nearby restaurants with other congoers. This is a good way to meet new people. On top of those we also have two Meet & Dines created for specific groups.

Steampunk Meet & Dine
Saturday 5:45-7:45PM
Are you into Steampunk? Do you want to know more? Gather for dinner together on Saturday night. Sign up at the Registration table.

Author Meet & Dine
Sunday 11:45-1PM
Are you a writer and would like to take a chance to informally meet other authors?
Gather for lunch together on Sunday. Sign up at the Registration table.
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Advance registration is now closed! We do have memberships for sale at the door.

Entire weekend: $55
Friday: $15
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $20

Students (18+): subtract $5 from entire weekend cost or pay the day cost at normal rate.
Youth (10-17): $25
Under 10: Free

See you July 8-10!
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Think Galaticon received a very nice write up in Time Out Chicago! Check it out: http://timeoutchicago.com/arts-culture/books/14829243/think-galacticon

July 1st is the last day to do advance registration for Think Galacticon! http://tgcon3.thinkgalactic.org/registration/

We’ll be taking it down on Saturday, so get your registration in Friday night by 11:59PM PST! Currently it’s $50 for adults, $45 for students. The at door costs will be $55 for the entire weekend with daily rates of Friday $15, Saturday $30, and Sunday $20.
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Hello everyone! Think Galacticon is nearly here!

I am happy to say that Think Galacticon 2011 programming is now up at http://tgcon3.thinkgalactic.org/programming/ .

July 1st is the LAST DAY TO PRE-REGISTER! If you don’t want to pay $55 at the door, register now! http://tgcon3.thinkgalactic.org/registration/

Now that programming is up, let us know if you would like to volunteer! We need help:

1. Setting up Friday night and Saturday and Sunday mornings
2. Taking stuff down every night
3. Setting up and taking down the Consuite
4. Help the Bazaar with table management

If any of these sound like things that you would like to help out doing, and feel like there are blocks of time you can tear yourself away from our programming, please email us with when and what you would volunteer for at info@thinkgalactic.org .

Volunteer refunds: Those who work 4 hours or more get $20 or half-off, which ever was lower. Being on panels counts as volunteering. There will be volunteer forms at the registration desk if you aren’t interested in signing up ahead of time.

We look forward to seeing you in two weeks!
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See our potential list of panels! Let us know which ones interest you! In addition, sign up to facilitate or be a panelist!

Potential Think Galacticon Programming Interest From

Please fill this out and help us decide which programming YOU want to see. We have more on there than spaces in our program so we really need to hear from our members and potential members. Oh course you can just click on it and look at the type of stuff that has been suggested we run, but it would most help us if you hit some checky boxes.

We're wanting this by Sunday 6/12, so please look asap.
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Originally posted by [personal profile] kate_nepveu at Con or Bust NOW taking requests for July-September cons!
Con or Bust is pleased to announce that as of this very moment, and through May 31, fans of color/non-white fans may request assistance to attend SFF cons in July, August, and September 2011.

Because there was no advance notice that we'd be taking requests, please repost and link to this post far and wide so that people know that assistance is possible. I will announce the precise amount after WisCon, but a minimum of $700 will be available to help fans of color attend cons for the next three months, plus two memberships to Renovation and memberships to Think Galacticon (one full, two half-price).

These cons are taking place in July-September and are supporting Con or Bust:
  • Renovation, the 2011 WorldCon, August 17-21, Reno, Nevada, USA (donated memberships);
  • Readercon, July 14-17, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA (donated money).
  • Think Galacticon, July 8-10, Chicago, USA (donated memberships).
Read this post for how to request assistance. Donate con memberships by e-mailing knepveu@steelypips.org. Donate money with a PayPal account or credit card with this button:

Or learn more about Con or Bust generally. And thank you for your help in spreading the word!

Updated May 24, 2011.

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Hey folks!

We're less than two months from Think Galacticon 2011! Did you hear that our Notable Guest N.K. Jemisin is up for a Hugo *and* a Nebula this year? Amazing!

We are taking programming suggestions through May 31st! Write them up now and post them as comments on any of our social media sites or on our online submission form.

Early bird registration also ends May 31st. Only $45 for adults or $40 for 18+ students. These prices will go up to $50 June 1st! Don't delay and register now<'a>!

Are you going to
WisCon? We are! Find us in Room 634 on Saturday night. We change our activities every few years and this year we are changing it to a Book Swap! Bring your favorite books of any genre (but especially genre) and swap books with us and other WisCon members. Enjoy our tasty vegan treats, register for the con (you get one last chance at early bird pricing!), and give us some programming suggestions.

We're sharing the room with Scribe Agency/Andrea Hairston (who has a new book out!!!). They will be serving homemade beers and do battle with us at midnight! What kind of battle? Find out at Room 634, Saturday night at midnight!

I'll send one more reminder about programming and registration before June 1st.

Have a happy summer everyone!


Heather Galaxy, Think Galacticon 2011 Timelord and Online Communications Coordinator
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PodCastle has an excellent story by N. K. Jemisin called Sinners, Saints, Dragons and Haints in the City Beneath the Still Waters, and it's about the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Of definite interest to those attending Think Galacticon 3, so please listen to it.
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Congratulations to N. K. Jemisin ( our SFF Notable Guest) and Gary K. Wolfe (our sponsor at Roosevelt University) on their Hugo nominations!!!

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin is up for Best Novel and Bearings: Reviews 1997-2001 by Gary K. Wolfe is up for Best Related Work.

We also have quite a few friends of Think Galactic who are nominated this year.

Congratulations and best of luck to all of you!
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We're having Think Galacticon in July and we're soliciting programming! You can give your suggestions at our website or below in the comments. If you just have a general idea, but nothing specific, please write down that as well and our programming coordinators will massage it into something great. You don't have to attend Think Galacticon to give us suggestions as long as you're part of our broader intersectionalist leftist/radical/anarchist SFF demographic.
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Hello everyone!

I hope you are having a good spring.

Things are winding up for us as the Think Galacticon Concom plans all the fun and engaging things we will offer for you July 8-10 at Roosevelt University.

Two reminders:

1. Registration goes up five dollars on April 1, 2011! This will make adult registrations $45 and student registrations $40. Please register today to save! http://tgcon3.thinkgalactic.org/registration/

Mailed registrations PO marked by April 1st will be counted at the early bird rate!

2. Suggest programing! Think Galacticon is for you and we want to see what you are interested in. Don't have a fully fleshed out idea? No problem! Our programming coordinators will turn your idea into something great.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments always feel free to email us at info@thinkgalactic.org

Hope to see you in July!


Heather Galaxy
Think Galacticon 3 Timelord
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Think Galacticon welcomes welcomes current Nebula-nominee for best novel N(ora). K. Jemisin as our SFF Notable Guest!
Me, book photo

"N(ora). K. Jemisin is an author of speculative fiction short stories and novels who lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to writing, she is a counseling psychologist (specializing in career counseling), a sometime hiker and biker, and a political/feminist/anti-racist blogger.

Her short fiction has been published in pro markets such as Clarkesworld, Postscripts, Strange Horizons, and Baen’s Universe; podcast markets and print anthologies. Several of her short stories have received Honorable Mentions in various Year’s Bests; one of her stories has been nominated for a Hugo and a Nebula.

Her first two novels, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and The Broken Kingdoms, are out now from Orbit Books. Book 3 of the Inheritance Trilogy, The Kingdom of Gods, is due out in late 2011. Her novels are represented by Lucienne Diver of the Knight Agency.

She is the recipient of a Gulliver Travel Grant from the Speculative Literature Foundation (and a judge for the 2010 grant jury), and a graduate of the Viable Paradise writing workshop. She is currently a member of the Altered Fluid writing group. You can reach her at njem at earthlink dot net, or simply comment on any post in this blog."

- from N(ora). K. Jemisin's website

Register now! Just $40 until 3/31 for a regular membership ($35 if you are a student!)! Save $15 dollars off final membership price!
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We were alerted about this COLORLINES post about an Alternet article written by our Notable Guest, Adrienne Marie Brown!

We are also soon going to announce our Science Fiction/Fantasy Notable Guest and put up registration! Watch here for more information!

Also see this interesting piece: H. Bruce Franklin Star Trek in the Vietnam Era.
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Think Galacticon welcomes Adrienne Maree Brown as our Activist Notable Guest!

"Adrienne Maree Brown is an organizational healer, pleasure activist, facilitator, singer, and artist living in Detroit. She was the executive director of The Ruckus Society from 2006-2010, and now sits on their board. She is also a National Co-Coordinator for the 2010 US Social Forum and currently helping with the transition phase of that work.

In addition, Adrienne sits on the boards of Allied Media Projects, Third Wave Foundation, and Common Fire, as well as the advisory board of East Michigan Environmental Action Council. She facilitates the development of organizations throughout the movement (most recently the leadership team of the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program in Detroit, the Young Women’s Empowerment Project in Chicago, New Orleans Parents Organizing Network, ColorofChange.org and Detroit Summer).

A co-founder of the League of Pissed Off/Young Voters and graduate of the Somatics and Social Justice Cohort, Rockwood’s Art of Leadership training, and Robert Gass’s Art of Change yearlong training, Adrienne is obsessed with learning and developing models for action, community strength, movement building and transformation."

- from Adrienne Maree Brown's blog
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If you are interested in volunteering for Think Galacticon 3 we are looking for more concom members and for volunteers for the convention.

We are still looking for the following positions:
* events coordinator
* consuite coordinator (key)
* local publicity coordinator
* another programming coordinator
* youth activities/childcare coordinator
* donations coordinator (key)
* accessibility coordinator
* sustainability coordinator

If you would like more information and are interested please email info@thinkgalactic.org !
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We have finally nailed down the details and date with our host Roosevelt University! We are happy to announce that Think Galacticon 3 will happen July 8-10, 2011 in beautiful downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Watch this space for Notable Guest and registration information!



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Hello all! This is our first post at Dreamwidth and with it our announcement that Think Galacticon 2011 is on!

If you would like to be on our mailing list, and don't think you are already, please email info@thinkgalactic.org

We'd also love your help in figuring out a good date for Think Galacticon 2011! Please email info@thinkgalactic.org if you have any additional suggestions to what we have already compiled as potential conflicts!

Mar. 4-6 2011
  • Potlatch, March 4-6 (CA)
Mar. 11-13 2011
  • (2010) Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, March 13-14 (San Fran, CA)
Mar. 18-20 2011
  • (2010) Left Forum, March 19-21 (NYC)
  • International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, March 16-20 (Orlando, FL)
Mar. 25-27 2011
  • ARLIS conference (Heather)
Apr. 1-3 2011
Apr. 8-10 2011
Apr. 15-17 2011
  • (2010) NYC Anarchist Book Fair, Apr. 17th (NYC, NY)
Apr. 22-24 2011
Apr. 29-May 1
May 6-8 2011
May 13-15 2011
  • Gaylaxicon/OutlantaCon May 13-15 (Atlanta, GA)
May 20-22 2011
  • (2010) Keycon, May 21-23 (Winnipeg, Canada)
May 27-29 2011
  • Wiscon, May 27-30 (Madison, WI)
  • Balticon
  • (2010) Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, May 29-30
  • Book Expo, May 24-26 (NYC, NY)
June 3-5 2011
  • (2010) Chicago Gospel Music Festival, June 5-6
  • (2010) Idapalooza June 2-7 (TN)
  • (2010) Working Class Studies Conference June 3-5
June 10-12 2011
  • (2010) 27th Annual Chicago Blues Festival, June 11-13,
  • Printer's Row Book fair,
  • Ribfest
June 17-19 2011
  • (2010) DucKon June 18-20 (Naperville, IL)
  • (2010) Bike To Work Day Rally, 18-Jun
  • (2010) Allied Media Conference, June 18-20 (Detroit, MI)
June 24-26 2011
  • (2010)18th Annual Race to Taste, 27-Jun
  • Chicago Pride Parade
  • (2010) Locus Awards, June 25-27
  • (2010) East Coast Derby Extravaganza, June 25-27 (Philadelphia, PA)
  • (2010) Let Live Conference, June 25-27 (Portland, OR)
July 1-3 2011
  • Convergence, July 1-3 (MN)
  • (2010) 30th Annual Taste of Chicago, June 25-July 4
July 8-10 2011
July 15-17 2011
  • (2010) Animal Rights Conference, July 15-19 (Washington, DC)
  • Readercon, July 15-17 (Burlington, MA)

July 22-24 2011
  • (2010) San Diego Comicon July 22-25 (San Diego, CA)
July 29-31 2011
  • (2010) No-Kill conference July 31-1 (Washington, DC)
  • RollerCon (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Diversicon, July 29-31 (Minneapolis, MN)
Aug. 5-7 2011
  • Gen Con Aug. 4-7 (Indianapolis, IN)
Aug. 12-14 2011
  • Wizard World, Aug.11-14
  • (2010) 52nd Annual Chicago Air and Water Show, August 14-15
Aug. 19-21 2011
  • WorldCon, Aug. 17-21 (Las Vegas, NV)
Aug. 26-28 2011
  • [Classes start around this time]
Sept. 2-4 2011
  • DragonCon (Atlanta, GA)
  • (2010) 32nd Annual Chicago Jazz Festival, September 4-5
Sept. 9-11 2011
  • (2010) Victoria Bkfair, Sept. 11-12 (Victoria, Canada)
Sept. 16-18 2011
  • (2010) 22nd Viva! Chicago Latin Music Festival, September 17-18
Sept. 23-25 2011
  • (2010) Baltimore Book Festival, Sept. 24-26 (Baltimore, MD)
Sept. 30-Oct. 2
  • Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 28-30
Oct. 7-9 2011
  • (2010) Chicago Country Music Festival, October 8-9
  • (2010 tbd) Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair
Oct. 14-16 2011
  • (2010 tbd) Seattle Anarchist Bookfair
Oct. 21-23 2011
Oct. 28-30 2011


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